Welcome to Baalamugi Adverstising

First of all I am Arivudai Nambi feel peasure to thank all Valuable Customers who prefers me to advertise your Products through ALL INDIA RADIO - KODAIKANAL FM 100.5.

KODAI FM 100.5, which is located at the Top of Kodaikanal Mountain, “Call like Princes of Mountains”.

KODAI FM 100.5 is Broadcasting Quality Programmes from 4.55 am to upto 12 am which attracts all types of people such as Youngsters, Seniors, Children and all Womens.

This KODAI FM 100.5 Broadcasting reach above 2.50 Crores of people arround 22 Districts out of 32 Districts in Tamilnadu such as 1.Ariyaloor, 2.Coimbatore, 3.Dindigul, 4.Dharmapuri, 5.Erode, 6.Karur, 7.Madurai, 8.Namakkal, 9.Nagapatinam, 10.Nilgiris, 11.Perambalur, 12.Pudukottai, 13.Ramnad, 14.Salem, 15.Sivaganga, 16.Theni, 17.Tanjore, 18.Trichirappalli, 19.Tiruvarur, 20.Tirunelveli, 21.Tuticorin, 22.Tirupur, 23.Viruthunagar. The Advertisements through KODAI FM 100.5 touch as more and more number of people in various Districts of Tamilnadu and Eastern Parts of Kerala.

Besides, more number of Employers, Doctors, Engineers, Advogates, Educationalists, Housewives and Poets etc., are being benifitted and mingled with KODAI FM 100.5. It is no Doubt at all, your advertisement through KODAI FM 100.5 get more and more Credits and Thousands of people can able to respond easily.

“We feel Proud to Advertise through KODAI FM 100.5 hence KODAI FM 100.5. Reciprocate for it”

Again, I thank the Advertisers for your valuable Support to me...!